Saturday, 17 September 2016

The Battery-Charger technique to help increase your efficiency( your multi-tasking toolkit )

Hi Friends,

Almost all of us are multi-taskers in our own right. Work, family, hobbies, friends, passions- there's a lot to do to justify your existence to yourself and your ecosystem. This multi-tasking takes it's toll even more on those who have desk jobs. It mounts your stress levels and makes your body accumulate toxins. Somebody recently told me that sitting in front of a system for 3 hours is equivalent to smoking 2 cigarettes. That makes me a voracious smoker, devouring something like 8 veggie-cigarettes, even though I remain deprived of the highs actual smoking would bring.

I have been working for my chemicals manufacturing business, eversince I graduated. At around the age of thirty, I used to feel totally screwed up by 6 pm, though my office required me to work till 8 or 9 pm. I consulted many doctors, got all kinds of tests done from blood checks to 2D-Echo of the heart. Nothing wrong came up. The time when I would start feeling consumed coincided with the peak time of getting reports and feedback from my team. It was almost impossible to leave office and go someplace where I could lie down and perform 'shav-asan', a yogic technique I knew would ease my physical stress. Besides with all the work-related thoughts playing bonkers in a responsible, analytic and workaholic mind, it would be almost impossible to conjure sleep.

I tried Pranayam and Bhastrika in the morning, after my walk, but strangely it made me feel even more tired. I have heard it works miracles with many, but I guess every human body is different. So it didn't work for me. I them did a basic course of SriSri Ravishankar's breathing relaxation techniques and practiced it for several months, ultiimtely combining it with Shavasan, which eased the stress to a good extent. But the evenings continued to remain pathetic. Then my uncle who was visiting us introduced to me Aanapan, a kind of meditation in which you sit with your back straight and focus on your breath, trying to feel relaxed. One has to watch his breath flowing through different portions of the face, entering the nostrils and leaving back via the same path. Five to six different routes, counting along, and then back. I practiced it for several days, ultimately again combining it with Shavasan. Can't resist the urge to get laid!!!

Now I finally had a quick relaxation technique handy with me. I would not sit in the upright position at all. I started taking a 25 minute break in the evening from the office, would lock my office, lie down on the sofa and start counting my breath coming in and leaving from different routes. I would soon doze off and wake up exactly after 20-25 minutes. This magical jhapki would recharge my body for another 8 hours shift, enabling me to work with full efficiency till 2 pm. There is no multi-tasking without extra time and efforts, and this technique gives me the needed extra time. I just need 7 hours of sleep. One more important thing about this technique is that you need to complete the cycle of sleep. As the body detoxifies, you can almost feel the heat ooze out. But if someone disturbs you and this cycle is broken, one would feel even more miserable. So it is important to get back to the sleep meditation and complete it anyhow.

If sometimes, it is not possible to find a sofa or bed to lie down, one could relax with his head down on the working desk or even sit straight in his chair and do it. It is still quite effective. The important thing it to give your body the much needed rest, when it hollers for it.

I hope this battery-charger technique will work for you . If it does "bas dua mein yaad rakhna"

Lots of love
Sumit Agarwal

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