Monday, 29 February 2016

My Multi Tasking Mantras

Many of my acquaintances ask me about how do I really manage the multiple roles that I had embarked on in my life long back. Well, to answer this I would just say perseverance is the key! There are times when juggling various roles might seem to be extremely difficult, but as they say it – when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

From being a writer and a philanthropist, to being a singer and an industrialist, all these roles give me a sense of fulfillment. These have made me who I am today, and to make sure that I manage these roles with full zeal and commitment, I follow a set of mantras.

So, here I am unveiling my mantras for multi tasking! Hope you will have a good read!

1. Are you simply working, or living your dream?

The author of Toby Daye series, Seanan McGuire, said it right when she said, “Some people live where they work. Others just visit.” 

If the former is the case with you, then congrats you are doing the right job! However, if the latter is your real life scenario, then you certainly need to reconsider the goals of your life. Think about the work and non-work roles that you play and introspect your conscience a little to see if you wish to replace each with one another. Only when you have the right roles on board, can you actually love the way your life turns out!

2. Prioritize right!

As life unfolds, you witness yourself focusing on various roles. But as you do it, don’t forget to prioritize these roles based on what you want to achieve at first. Off and on, you will realize that you can’t really forego trade-offs – they are a part of your work and personal life. So, while you have to make a choice, do it after careful planning and do it consciously to avoid any negative consequences later in life.

3. Time is more expensive than money

Unlearn the adage that time is money, because it is much more expensive than that! Practice the art of time management and pay undivided attention on the results. Aim to attain excellence, but not at the cost of taking too much time that the task that you need to accomplish becomes futile, once the time that you have in hand lapses. Always make appointments to get things done on time, no matter at what position you are in your organization. This not only helps you to work effectively, but also lets you respect others’ time, so that you don’t end up interrupting them when they are busy in much more important matters.

4. Stress less, work more

The road to success is full of obstacles. You have to learn the art of crossing those obstacles without fretting much. Do your best and let the little things in your life go. Avoid stressing so much so that you finish off with anxiety, depression or sadness. Remember this life is a journey. Just relax and enjoy the ride. The less you stress, the more you will be able to focus on your work – ultimately devoting more things on other tasks that you love to do! Balance will eventually be achieved; all that you need to do is to keep the worries off your head!

Wish you a Happy Work-Living!