Monday, 28 March 2016

My Mantras for a Happy Life

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it's all that matters.”

This famous quote, by the beautiful British actress Audrey Hepburn, rightly defines the way your life should be lived.

When you do what you love and you do it by all your heart, life becomes blissful. But, it’s not that easy always! You come across several obstacles on your way to happiness and this is when you need to learn the simple art of overcoming stress and difficulties.

Here I am sharing with you all the mantras that I follow to lead a happy life. Hope you will find them inspiring! So, go ahead and conquer the world with your happiness.

     1. Love simplicity

Enjoy the simple things in your life. Aspiring for bigger goals is important to keep you motivated. But, in this pursuit to make it large, don’t forget that there are simple things which are joyous than anything else. Go out with your loved ones on a road trip nearby, enjoy the sunset, stare at the stars in the night sky, dance in the rain, catch an old movie with your parents, pour your heart out to someone you trust –all these small things will give you much more contentment than riding that Porsche could ever bring. Sometimes in our pursuit of success, we forget to be happy. We are in a hurry to utilize each moment and in the process we forget to feel happy. Keep reminding yourself to be happy!

      2. Be easy on yourself
On several occasions, you will find yourself stressed and frustrated. But the key to life long happiness lies in the fact that you have to take things easy. Cut that stress, and let things unfold gradually. Do your best, but don’t overthink on issues that are not under your control – you have God to take care of those things. Isn’t it? And there will be a tomorrow, probably better. Also remember that no one lives forever. No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. Try to enjoy each day like it’s your last ( easier said than done…but atleast a part of it !). Utilize the opportunity to bring happiness to yourself as well as the ones who matter to you. Tell them your true feelings, so that you may carry no regrets.

     3. Pursue your passion
It’s never too late to learn new things, no matter what your age is. Learn how to play that musical instrument you have wanted to, ever since you were a child, or a foreign language that always fascinated you. Take some time out from your busy schedule and take a step towards your dream. Even if you don’t excel at it, you will not live with the regret that you didn’t try. Don’t complain that you are tied down by your schedule or responsibilities. Where there is a will, there is a way. Pursuing your dream will keep you adrenalized.

     4. Stay healthy
It’s truly said that Health is happiness. No matter how busy you are, take out atleast 90 minutes for your health everyday. If not everyday, four times a week. Jog, walk, cycle, skate, play a sport, swim, garden, do whatever it takes to make you sweat like it rained. Fast half a day once or twice a week, if not full. Eat healthy. Monitor your weight. Laugh your heart out whenever you get a chance. Diabetes, blood pressure, fatty liver and other chronic illnesses will happen when they have to. Learn to manage your health. Try to find out what foods suit your metabolism and which one causes problems. Meditate or take a powernap everyday. The amount of happiness is proportional to your lifespan, so take care of your health.

     5. Make others happy
There is no bigger happiness than giving back. God has been benevolent with you and given you a lot. If not financially, then maybe in other ways! If you have all limbs intact, you are more fortunate that a lot of other people. There is no bigger happiness than making others happy. You have to get used to it. Try to bring some good to this world, to your fellow human beings. Don’t wait for the right time when you have loads of money or free time. Start today with little things such as teaching underprivileged children from the locality for half an hour. By visiting a hospital and distributing some fruits to the needy. Do whatever you can!

More to follow…Sumit Agarwal

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